International Partners

The MEDMIG project collaborated with a range of partners in each of our fieldwork locations for research expertise and support on the ground.


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ELIAMEP is an independent, non-profit and policy-oriented research and training institute. It neither expresses, nor represents, any specific political party view. It is only devoted to the right of free and well-documented discourse.

ELIAMEP’s mission is to provide a forum for public debate on issues of European integration and international relations and to conduct scientific research that contributes to a better informed and documented knowledge of the European and international environment.

Team members:

Dia Anagnostou
Dimitris Skleparis

Greek Forum of Refugees

The Greek Forum of Refugees is a multinational network, the main goal of which is to create a viable network that will unite all refugees living in Greece through a joint course of action. GFR aims to provide assistance to refugees during the asylum procedure, to protect their rights and help their integration in the Greek society.

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FIERI - International and European Forum of Migration Research

FIERI is a research centre and an interdisciplinary network based in Turin, Italy. Its research focus concerns migratory phenomena in contemporary societies. The main aim is to feed the public debate and provide public decision-makers with solid empirical evidence and knowledge tools on the migration phenomenon and its management.

FIERI activity is articulated in various areas: integration, immigration and flows, transnationalism, gender and generation, welfare. In all these areas, FIERI carries out projects which look at the socio-economic and cultural processes on the one hand, and at policies on the other.

Team members:

Ferruccio Pastore
Ester Salis


The largest social welfare association in Italy, with 1,200,000 members, ARCI works on issues of culture, education, peace, rights, welfare and democracy. ARCI also runs over 100 reception centres across Italy for more than 4,000 migrants.

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Yasar University

Yasar University’s Department of International Relations aims to provide its students with the skills to view and analyse a variety of cases and problems concerning international economic, political, social, and diplomatic issues by using the basic premises of political science. The European Union Research Center at Yasar also stimulates participation in projects under different EU grants, organize seminars, trainings and certificate programmes on EU specific matters.

Team members:

Ayselin Yildiz
Gokay Ozerim

Malta teamMEDMIG_malta_flag

People for Change Foundation

Since 2007, the People for Change Foundation have been conducting on-the-ground legal and policy research in Malta in the fields of migration, asylum and racism in the European Union. They also work in the areas of children’s rights and development and humanitarian aid, expanding these areas starting in 2013. The Foundation operates at the intersection between law, policy and social science, delivering analysis that is practical in input and pragmatic in outcome.

Team member:

Jean-Pierre Gauci

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