Refugees and migrants: a new global response

Refugees and migrants: a new global response

We live in the midst of a major crisis. More than 65 million people globally have been forcibly displaced, and international migration has risen by 41% since 2000. In this event Heaven Crawley spoke on a panel with the Overseas Development Institute on the UN Summit and approaches to migrants and refugees around the world.

The EU has failed to take a strong stance on international refugee protection and there has been no sense of shared responsibility. Instead, governments in Europe and elsewhere are focusing their efforts – and money – on deterrence, and new deals, like that between the EU and Turkey, which further restrict the movement of people.

Yet, despite government failings, at a local level, people want to help. Local volunteers and NGOs have stepped in to not only to assist but to accept refugees and migrants into their countries and communities. But these efforts are not enough without buy-in from political leaders.

The world’s first United Nations Summit on Refugees and Migrants is set to take place in New York on 19 September, bringing together leaders from around the world with the aim of strengthening commitments from global governments to respond to the crisis in a more humane and coordinated way. The Summit has enormous potential to bring about change. But will governments commit to share responsibility more equitably to protect refugees and move away from deterrence towards solutions that work for everyone?

A video of the discussion can be seen here