MEDMIG exclusive in The Independent

MEDMIG exclusive in The Independent

Today an in-depth exclusive on the MEDMIG project’s findings has been published by The Independent titled ‘Refugee crisis: European leaders blamed for record high deaths in the Mediterranean

The article states that Britain and other European nations are making the refugee crisis worse by forcing people fleeing conflict and persecution to undertake covert and treacherous journeys, a report has found.

Professor Heaven Crawley told The Independent politicians have been “wantonly ignoring” the reality of the crisis to maintain ill-informed government positions.

“The problem is there’s a huge political agenda around migration, so more pragmatic of effective alternatives are being overridden by political aspirations of leaders across the EU … They’ve backed themselves into a political corner where it’s very difficult to do anything else.”

Dr Franck Duvell also said:

“EU politicians and policy makers have repeatedly declared they are ‘at war’ with the smugglers and that they intend to ‘break the smugglers business model’. The evidence from our research suggests that smuggling is driven, rather than broken, by EU policy. The closure of borders seems likely to have significantly increased the demand for, and use of, smugglers – who have become the only option for those unable to leave their countries or enter countries in which protection might potentially be available to them.”


The article can be read in full here.