Europe’s Migration Crisis?

Europe’s Migration Crisis?

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Heaven Crawley will be speaking at the debate titled Europe’s Migration Crisis?

Net migration (the difference between emigration and immigration) in the UK reached 336,000 in the year ending June 2015; the highest estimate of net migration in any 12 month period (16,000 more than the previous highest estimate in June 2005). Net migration has exceeded 100,000 a year every year since 1998. In 2014, 13% of those migrating to the UK were British Nationals, 32% were nationals of other EU countries and 45% were non-EU nationals. Work and study were given most frequently as the reason for migrants’ entry.Alongside these longer-term trends, more than 487,000 migrants, a mixed flow of migrants and refugees, have arrived at Europe’s Mediterranean shores since January 2015, the highest number since record-keeping began.

  • How can understanding the dynamics of migration (determinants and drivers), migrants’ origins and experiences, help policy-makers in Europe and in the UK to respond appropriately to increasing international migration?
  • What are the impacts – positive and negative – of increasing net migration on the UK at different scales – national and local? What are the realities of the impacts on productivity, jobs and services?
  • Finally, with the number of migrants entering the UK unlikely to decrease, at least in the near to medium term, how can the UK adjust to the new reality of migration in the hundreds of thousands each year, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the UK’s economy, society and for migrants themselves?


  • Chair: David Walker, Head of Policy, Academy of Social Sciences
  • Professor Heaven Crawley, Coventry University
  • Dr Max Nathan, University of Birmingham